What Professor Higgins is teaching

NSCS 195b Fall 2018

Searching for the mind:
From humans to robots

This course is a seminar for freshman NSCS students. We will start by debating the assumption that humans are simply biochemical machines. Do humans truly have "free will", and what does it mean if they do not? What is "the mind", and how do you know if it exists?

NSCS 311 Fall 2018

Scientific Programming with Matlab

This is a new class, first taught at full size last year, designed specifically to get NSCS students the programming background they need. It's a rapidly evolving course, but so far is going amazingly well!

NROS 415 Spring 2018

Electrophysiology Laboratory

This course gives undergraduates a strong background in electrophysiology using insects, and even humans! It was taught for the first time in 2012, and has been an amazing laboratory experience. For all the details, including pictures and videos, check out nros415.com.