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Director Tarsem Singh talks Self/less Jul 2015 by Brian Truitt, 3796
Llega 'Eternal', la película que sueña con la inmortalidad Jul 2015 by Terra Espana 3773
Neuroscientist Discusses the Idea of Consciousness Transfer From the New Movie Self/less Jul 2015 by Alejandro Rojas, 3356
'Self/Less' Imagines a World With Mind Transplants Jul 2015 by Keith Wagstaff, NBC News 3162
Never Say Die – SELF/LESS from Science-Fiction to -Fact Jul 2015 by Daliah Leslie, 2997
“Self/less”, immortal and it feels so dumb Jul 2015 by 3262
Self/less offers intriguing look at philosophy and ethics of “self” Jul 2015 by Tony Bradley, 3339
The Science of 'Self/Less' Jul 2015 by Erin McCarthy, 3112
Is "Shedding" Possible? 'Self/less' Science Is Mind-blowing, But Is It Real? Jul 2015 by Allie Funk, 4797
Self/Less Is a Fun Dystopia That I Hope Never Comes True Jul 2015 by Matt Novak, 3142
Driven by Immortality Jul 2015 by Corine Gatti, 2999
EXCLUSIVE: Scientist digs into the real science behind the sci-fi flick Self/Less Jul 2015 by Carol Pinchefsky, 3013
Self/less: Focus on sci-fi fantasy body switching for eternal youth Jul 2015 by N.F. Mendoza, 3105
College Web Media SELF LESS Dr. Charles Higgins - Professor, Dept. of Neuroscience, U of A Jul 2015 by College Web Media 3069
The science of shedding Jul 2015 by 3355
Dr. Charles Higgins on the science fiction in SELFLESS Jul 2015 by 3403
‘Self/Less’ Interview: Professor Charles Higgins on the Nature of Consciousness Jul 2015 by Brent Hankins, 3057
Is Transferring Consciousness Possible? Jul 2015 by Brandon Davis, 3400
SELF/LESS: Is Immortality Possible? Asking Charles Higgins Jul 2015 by Angie Fiedler Sutton, 3867
Interview: A neuroscientist explains the mind-blowing science behind ‘Self/less’ Jul 2015 by Brandon Russell, 3175
The Crazy Science Behind Self/less' Consciousness Transfer Jun 2015 by Charlie Jane Anders 3647
UA professor aims to provide students with real-world skills May 2015 by Arizona Alumni Magazine 2835
DARPA Wants New Technology to Predict “Societal Unrest” Jul 2014 by Paul Joseph Watson, 2741
The Military Is Building Brain Chips to Treat PTSD May 2014 by Patrick Tucker, Defense One 3339
RoboCop Tech: Science Fact and Fiction Feb 2014 by Nic Halverson, Discovery Channel News 3686
'RoboCop' not so sci-fi anymore Feb 2014 by Nick Statt, CNET News 3392
"RoboCop": When Will Cyborgs Walk Among Humans? Feb 2014 by Denise Chow, 3197
The science of Sony's 'Elysium': This is your brain on robotics Aug 2013 by John Quain, Fox News Tech 3076
Faculty Senate Forms Ad Hoc Committee on Information Technology Nov 2011 by Lo Que Pasa 2113
Exclusive Interview: Dr. Charles Higgins, Neuromorphic Engineer (Source Code) Apr 2011 by Renn Brown, 2916
Robo-moth is created in UA lab Aug 2009 by David Morales, 2541
Moving toward more lifelike artificial limbs: 'Robo-moth' hybrid, squid's beak show promise for improving prostheses May 2008 by Bryn Nelson, 2661
UA Wins 2008 Intel Robotics Challenge Apr 2008 by UA News 2333
UA to Compete in Intel Corp's Robot Challenge Apr 2008 by UA News 2446
Leading-Edge Researchers Lauded at Innovation Day Mar 2008 by La Monica Everett-Haynes 2426
Innovation Day Celebrates Technology and Research Achievements Mar 2008 by UA News 2501
Hybrid animal computers to tip up within twenty years: Run for your lives Dec 2007 by Nick Farrell 2683
UA Researchers Create Robot Driven by Moth's Brain Nov 2007 by UA News 2662 William Saletan, "Animal brains in robotic bodies" Nov 2007 by 2640
Mothbot: Moth Controls Robotic Vehicle Nov 2007 by Technovelgy 2558 ""Robo-Moth" Gives Hope to Amputees" Nov 2007 by 2888 "'Robo-moth' melds insect, machine" Nov 2007 by 2531 "Robo-moth can't flap, still likes flames" Nov 2007 by Engadget 2715 "Buggy Bot: Robo-Moth Hooks Up Insect's Brain to a Robot" Nov 2007 by Gizmodo 2007 2635
Three Engineering Professors Named da Vinci Circle Fellows Oct 2006 by UA News 2774
Engineering College Accomplishments Lauded at da Vinci Circle Gathering May 2006 by UA News 2603
Girl Scouts Learn that Robots Aren't Just for Boys Aug 2005 by UA News 2780
Mixing Biology and Electronics to Create Robotic Vision Oct 2004 by Science Daily 2586

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