What's it like working in the Higgins lab?

Ever wonder what it would be like working in the Higgins Laboratory? This video sums it up pretty well.

The benefits of omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 DHA fatty acids have a number of health benefits, including lowered risk of heart disease, reduced vulnerability to depression, and perhaps even protection against Alzheimer's disease and dementia. The video below elaborates.

TEDx Tucson Talk, 2013

NROS 215: Final Project

NROS 215: Greatest Hits Spring 2013

NROS 415: Greatest Hits 2012

NROS 415: Human recordings

NROS 415: Fly optic lobe recording

Spinning a tetrode

NROS 415: Fly muscle stimulation

NROS 415: movie night

NROS 415: Fly ventral nerve cord preparation

Watch out for your finger!

Our work with dragonflies sometimes requires us to raise adults from the larval state. Watch out if you put your finger in the tank!

Simulated rat cognition

Dragonfly brain recordings

Neuromorphic target tracking simulation

This video shows a simulation of target tracking using the Neuromorphic algorithm described in this paper.

The Brain-Machine Interface

Cyborg insects

This video features the mothbot near the end.

Robo-Moth goes Gizmoz

The RoboMoth: Optomotor response test

In this video, you can actually see the RoboMoth robot turn when the moth sees visual motion. This is possible because we have coupled the vision system of the moth directly to the robot.

The RoboMoth: Horizontal cell response

In this video, you can see and hear the response of a direction-selective visual neuron in the moth's brain responding to a visual stimulus.

Neuromorphic VLSI robotic target tracking

This video shows a robotic demonstration simulation of target tracking using actual vision chips designed using the Neuromorphic algorithm described in this paper.

Multi-chip motion sensor demo

This video demonstrates a Neuromorphic VLSI hardware system processing visual motion. It mimics a living visual system to selectively respond to one direction of motion versus another. You can find details in this paper. (As you might guess, this video was made just about the same time as Star Wars Episode I was released.)

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